The Influence Accelerator.

Sam has spent years working with influencers, businesses and agencies helping them turn into powerhouse brands by leveraging the power of influence.

Venture Philanthropist.

Sam partnered with Dennis Wyrzykowski to create The Institute of Ethics, a social impact venture studio focused on supporting socially beneficial initiatives.


Samuel’s keen ability to identify opportunity and execute quickly helps him and his clients create innovative ideas and turn them into powerful realities.

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Creating the Next Wave of Influence.

Top 10 Growth Expert.

Redefining Profit.

Living With A Bigger Purpose.

The Influence Accelerator.

Over the past seven years, Sam has passionately pursued the answer to the questions, “What creates deep-rooted influence online? What empowers people and brands to create tangible opportunities through social media?” 

Through years of research of Influence Dynamics and working with the world’s leading brands and influencers – Sam has synthesized some fundamental tools and strategies to help maximize your capabilities while measurably accelerate the pace at which you can achieve your true influence.

Samuel obviously builds audiences brilliantly, yet his real value came in helping us create massive opportunities through our brand.

Jason Bing Axus Co.

The Institute of Ethics

Samuel Thompson partnered with Dennis Wyrzykowski, a former monk of 34 years, to create a truly unique organization. The Institute of Ethics is a social impact venture studio focused on building scalable businesses whose revenue supports sustainable non-profit initiatives.

The VYRL Collective

Samuel launched the VYRL Collective to help students, creators and entrepreneurs create opportunity through social media. The platform provides educational content, a community of peers, direct access to brands and influencer mentors.


Samuel’s depth of experience and unique perspectives on business, social media, spirituality and impact lead to insightful moments on stage. Samuel’s mission is to help his audience identify micro and macro actions that can positively impact the trajectory of their lives.

Changing The Way You Use Social Media.

In a saturated industry obsessed with meaningless dopamine hits, Sam empowers his clients to create tangible growth translating to identifiable opportunities online and off.


Identify Your Purpose

Uncover your greater life mission to instill a deeper purpose in your and your brand.


Create Openly

Capture the experiences your and your brand participate, encourage others to participate with you through content.


Share Your Truth

Vulnerability and transparency invite others to connect with you and your brand more intimately.


Connect Intentionally

Social media empowers us to build meaningful connections, it is our responsibility to use it intentionally to fulfill our greater mission.


Identify Opportunity

Seek out and capture opportunities that align themselves with your mission and execute efficiently.


Build Momentum

Adopt strategies that allow for a continuous stream of opportunities, maximizing each cycle creates ever-growing levels of success and influence.


Sam’s personal and professional lives have led him to experience the depths of life at his age. His unique perspective make his stories reach people where they are and touch their hearts, minds and souls.

Sam’s love of impact has led him to work with everyone from Fortune 100 companies to start-up brands and entrepreneurs to everything in-between. 

Sam started one of the first social media agencies in Los Angeles in 2011. He was 15 at the time and obsessed with Facebook so he put his passion to work when he was asked to create a Facebook page for a business near his home. 

Here is the link to Sam’s Ted Talk on redefining perfection: CLICK HERE.

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