Meet Me

What's up? I'm Samuel Thompson.

I am a creator, digital growth expert, online entrepreneur and the founder of Creatify. I also write newsletters helping you learn about all of it.

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My Big Goal

Impact Over 100m Creators & Entrepreneurs.

Help Creators & Influencers Make A Living.

After spending the last 7 years working with the biggest brands and influencers, our team has launched Creatify to give you access to everything you need to be able to grow your following, work with brands and earn money on social media.

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Empower Entrepreneurs To Achieve Their Goals.

The most impactful accelerator for your online business skills, network, and success. It’s not another static course or flaky group. It’s the all-in-one online business accelerator you need to keep growing, no matter how advanced or new you are now.

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Share Real Stories About The Next Generation.

The #1 digital magazine for social media creators. We share the secrets, strategies and insights from people who have actually done it for themselves so that you know you get the best information to help you achieve your goals.

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My Past.

A short, bulleted list to summarize the last 9 years of my professional life.

Since starting my entrepreneurial journey at 15 years old, I have been blessed to work with 100's of companies and influencers around the world helping them elevate their brands on social media.

104m+ Followers Earned For My Clients
$80m+ Earned Revenue For My Clients
150k+ Personal Followers On Social Media
TedX, NYNow & University Speaker
My "Day Job"

I am the founder of Creatify.

After being a creator for the last decade, I realized others like me lacked the education, network and discoverable opportunities to capitalize on the digital landscape. So in early 2019 I started Creatify, an exclusive community platform specifically designed to help creators succeed online. Since then it’s grown from a small side project to empowering over 30,000 creators in 186 countries.

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Started as Side Project
Creatify Members
Magazine Subscribers
Brand Deals Created
Team Members
“Sam literally made my dream of running a fitness platform possible. Now New Human is supporting thousands of paying customers.”
Mike Soares, New Human
My Extra-Curriculars

Build, Invest & Grow.

In addition to running my own companies, I also invest in projects I am interested in run by friends.

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Get In Touch

I'm here to help.

“Surround yourself with people you love, work on projects you are passionate about and smile every step of the way.”
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