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Who is Samuel Thompson?
Samuel Thompson has been obsessed with social media since he was 12 years old. He was the "weird kid" who spent his summers building Facebook pages and Wix websites for fictional companies while his friends were out playing in the pool.

Despite his young age, Sam joined every social platform he could find, with the intention of learning everything he could about the science of social media and influence dynamics.

He even launched his own social media platform and dating website to get a "behind the scenes" look at how individuals are able to build real relationships online.

Throughout his career Sam noticed how difficult it was for social media users to build meaningful audiences that actually impacted their lives.

Sam's obsession quickly turned into a career that spans from creating some of the world's most popular influencers to working with Fortune 500 brands to leverage social media effectively in their marketing campaigns.

Sam now primarily works with entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners who are focused on capitalizing on the opportunities social media provides.
The VYRL Collective
A Social Media Ecosystem Designed For You!
Sam has invested in building and acquiring the best tools in the world for anyone who is looking to create tangible returns from social media.
VYRL Collective
Our community of brands and creators offers our members the easiest way to crowdsource content, build influencer and brand relationships and collaborate build valuable relationships.
VYRL Growth
Sam acquired and optimized the world's leading Instagram growth platform to help you gain real, organic followers who will become loyal fans through our hyper-targeting strategies. 
VYRL Sites
We designed a world-class web design platform so you can build out your social media optimized website in an hour or less with the help of our amazing team of developers and marketers.
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Work Directly With Samuel Thompson
One Time Advising
Jumpstart your growth!
  •  Phone Call (to pick his brain) - $500/hour via phone or Zoom
  • Lunch (with up to 3 people) - $1,000 for a 2 hour lunch on location in the Innovation District of Boston
One-on-One Consulting
Starting at $5,000/Month
Sam will directly work with you to create a powerful social presence and funnel that creates tangible ROI. His approach gives you the clarity and confidence you need to be able to generate substantial income through social media.
Speaking Engagements
TEDx, NY Now, Let's Talk Social and more
Samuel’s depth of experience and unique perspective on business, social media, spirituality and impact lead to insightful moments on stage. Samuel’s mission is to help his audience identify micro and macro actions that can positively impact the trajectory of their lives.
Creating The Culture Podcast
Sam's podcast is launching in the Summer of 2019. He will be sharing exclusive interviews with influencers, innovators and entrepreneurs who are changing their industries by leveraging their own influence.
"The secret to success [on Instagram] is understanding the platform better than anyone else and then using the best tools in the world to help you grow."

- Samuel Thompson
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